From Back Stage VIP, Stage Concerts, Photo Booths, I  Cover It All! I Been In The Night Club Photography Scene For Over 2 Years So If You Want To Have Your Club To Stand Out More Than Others..I'll Take Special Photos Of Your Djs From The Night Before So They Can Put Them Wherever They Want. 
All Clubs Are Full Of Politics These Days, Djs Come And Go, Clubs Get Remodeled And Renamed. Its All About How Many People You Can Bring In We Can Help You By Taking Pictures Of Your Club Inside Out From Start Till End.  Work With  Us On A Weekly Basis And You Will Get Full Promotions, Photography With An Album Of Your Own Continuously Updated. They Also Go On My Other Website In Which You Can Take Them Down And Add Them Wherever You Please.  Don't Hesitate To Book  Me For Your Next Event