We Are Proudly Supported By Norwalk Records,  The Label That  Has Ben Aound For Over 50 Years   Specializing  In Oldies But Goodies, Old-School,  Hip-Hop and Chicano Rap! 

Norwalk Records Started Out With And Inventory Of 45 rpm Singles and 33-1/3 rpm Albums. By 1966-67 As Four Tracks Came Shortly Followed By Eight Tracks. In The Early 70's  Cassette Tapes Were The Newest Music Media and Took Over Record Stores For Several Of Years And   Four Tracks Eight Tracks Started To Die Out.  Within The Mid 80's, Cd's Took Over The World Blowing Everything Away For Several Of Years. The World Shares The Spot Light With MP3's  IPODS So On...
SPECIAL Tierra-Precious Memories   $15.99  $9.99
1. Memories 
2. Are We In Love
3. La La Means I Love You
4. Gonna Find Her
5. Together
6. Sonya
7. Lovely Lady
8. Your In Love
9. My Lady
10. Wanna Get Together Again

Best Of Johnny Chingas                                                                                   $16.99
1. Se Me Paro
2. Cumbia Caliente
3. Yo Quiero Tirar Chingaso
4. La Dolncia
5. Chorizo Blues
6. I'm Horny
7. Corrido del Bato Loco
8. Corriro del Bato Loco
9. Cumbia Chingona
10. Perdoname
11. Poquito Soul
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